The NLP Master Practitioner Manual by Peter FreethYou can study NLP Master Practitioner in Hong Kong at the All About You centre in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island.

NLP Master Practitioner is the second level of NLP training and is designed to provide both an advanced set of tools for creating customised techniques and modelling high performance and a personal experience of change through awareness of the habitual patterns which drive our behaviours. This level of training is designed to integrate NLP’s techniques with other professional practices such as coaching and counselling, and also gives you the tools to create new content and techniques for yourself by modelling the intuitive behavioural patterns of high performers in any field.

One of the basic concepts of NLP is that it is not our behaviours which are right or wrong, it is the alignment between our behaviours and the environment that we’re operating within. In Master Practitioner training, we look not at behaviours but at the perceptions and mental processes which drive both them. We see behavioural patterns not as good or bad but simply as interesting.

The format of NLP Master Practitioner training is not common for all training organisations,and the majority of trainers teach Master Practitioner as an extension of Practitioner, simply with more complex techniques. Pre-packaged techniques are, by definition, Practitioner level, and add nothing to the student’s understanding of NLP. This Master Practitioner training teaches the basic principles by which Practitioner techniques were created, enabling students to design and refine their own tools and techniques, and to model and replicate the talents that make high performers successful.

The final day of the training program features assessment sessions which enable you to practice and demonstrate your new skills and genuinely earn your certification.

Successful completion of this course which includes meeting the assessment criteria enables you to be licensed as a NLP Master Practitioner by The Society of NLP (SNLP) and either the International Business NLP Association (IBNLP) or the Institute of Holistic NLP (IHNLP).

Hear about Nicolas' experience of NLP Master Practitioner training:

Program contents

Simulation Theory and Models
Eye Accessing
Stimulus Response, TOTE and Strategies
Surface versus deep structure
Behaviour as process, the process IS the content
Conversational Change
Meta Model in Detail
Rituals and Incantations
Slow Motion Coaching and Modelling
Anchoring as control
Rules, Beliefs, Strategies
Custom technique design

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