You can learn how to compliment your coaching skills with the power of NLP right here in Hong Kong at the All About You centre and you might be wondering how NLP can support your professional journey as a coach.

One of the hallmarks of coaching is that your clients are the agents of their own change. You ask questions, you reveal information, you create insights and you support your clients in taking action. And yet, despite everything that you have learned about coaching, you reach the point where a client says "I don't know..." and you don't know what to do next. You reach the point where your client commits to actions, and in the next session, all they give you is excuses. It can feel frustrating, because you are committed to helping your clients, yet the answers just seem out of reach at times.

NLP is probably the most valuable subject that coaches study after their initial coaching training. NLP fills in all of the gaps, and answers all of your "what if a client...?" questions. NLP is a set of tools that create change, and that is what your clients want when they engage you as a coach. They don't want things to stay the same, and yet at the same time, they will present you with the exact same barriers that they create for themselves. As much as they want to change, they avoid it too.

At NLP Practitioner level, you will learn a powerful and flexible set of tools to enhance your coaching which will enable you to set aside barriers, overcome fear, end avoidance and align your client with a sense of purpose which motivates them to new heights.

At NLP Master Practitioner level, you will discover the processes that create change, weaving a far greater understanding of the human learning process into your coaching methodology. Far more importantly, you will discover how to create a transformational experience for your clients which transcends the simple interaction of a coaching session. You will become even more, in every way.